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"This is the site of the Bakerview Senior Youth. Grades 9-12. We meet on Thursday nights. We eat snacks."

All Youth Birthday Party

If you or someone you know will be celebrating another year of life in this two thousandth and eighth year, the year of our Lord, then do we have a party for YOU!Here's your official invite:
What: Birthday Party
Who: all Sr. Youth (gr 9-12)
Where: Bakerview Church/Castle Fun Park
When: Thursday, March 13, 2008
Time: 19:00-22:00
Why: because we all have bad memories so if we just celebrate everyone at once we won't feel so bad about our bad memories anymore...it's really a self help group. AND you can come and feel what it's like to be a "Twentytunplit" (a child born at the same time as twenty or so others) who always has to share their birthday with their 20 other brothers and sisters! It'll be great.
Snack: YES

Questions? Call Shannon (now bears Tim's cell number)

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